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Perfect Tension Slacklines is a global provider of slacklines and slackline apparel. 100% designed and handcrafted at our headquarters in Venice, California, offering the highest quality gear for competitors and beginners alike.


What Is Slacklining?

PTEN_Slacklines_Slackline_Everywhere_beach Slacklining is a balance sport very similar to tight rope walking. The key difference between the two is that slacklines are made of a dynamic or “bouncy” nylon webbing.

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Learn How To Slackline

PTEN_Slacklines_Slackline_Everywhere_parc PTEN has created a series of manuals and videos to teach you everything you need to know from set-up to advanced tricks so you can practice like the pros.

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Share With Us!

PTEN_Slacklines_Slackline_Everywhere_street Here at PTEN Slacklines we’re all about building the slackline community. No matter what your skill level, share your pictures and videos and be featured on our website

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Shop PTEN Slacklines

PTEN_Slacklines_Slackline_Everywhere_rocks Take a tour at our shop today and discover all our line of Slacklines and accessories. PTEN Slacklines offers the highest quality gear for all level: beginners to competitors.